Planning a shared vision for the future of One San Pedro

Over the span of two and a half years, over ninety events, meetings, workshops, and mobile tours were organized – with hundreds more individual interactions, all designed to engage local residents and stakeholders to define the future of their community, while building their knowledge, leadership, and power to be champions of their vision for One San Pedro.

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The planning process leveraged a variety of existing forums and organizational structures, as well as organizing many more events, spaces, and programs to reach the broadest range of constituents in the collective conversation about the future of their community.

While including those already engaged in local community planning, the extensive outreach was designed to reach residents and stakeholders not typically part of defining the future of San Pedro, specifically residents of Rancho San Pedro. Below you will find information about upcoming outreach opportunities as well as downloadable resources from past workshops and outreach events.

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Upcoming Outreach


Sharing the Draft One San Pedro Transformation Plan

Early 2020 (tentative date) Location TBD

Past Outreach


Living in my Home, Building, Neighborhood, Community

June 2019

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