A revitalization over 70 years in the making

The Rancho San Pedro housing development, situated on over 21 acres of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, is part of a larger neighborhood rich with history. Once being the hub of several noteworthy industries-from commercial fishing to national defense, this area has been called home by hard-working individuals and their families for over 100 years.


Originally Part of the first California Land Grants

The sprawling Rancho San Pedro Land Grant was owned by Manuel Dominguez in the 1870s and covered over 43,000 acres and included the coastal city of San Pedro.


The San Pedro Harbor becomes one of the largest employers

Following the Great Depression, thousands were directly employed in the fishing industry, with the San Pedro Harbor being one fo the largest employers. Fisherman working for canneries and fishing fleet could be seen throughout the San Pedro harbor in the 1930s.


New Housing await Final Inspections

The first phase of Rancho San Pedro housing development was constructed as Department of Defense Housing in 1942 and consisted of 284 units. The site housed shipyard workers on 12.5 acres of land.


Conversion to Public Housing

After WWII, Rancho San Pedro was converted to Public Housing and a second phase was added to expand the community.


Redevelopment talks begin

City of San Pedro officials and other stakeholders begin study into redevelopment of the Rancho San Pedro site.


The Rancho Today

Today, the Rancho San Pedro site is home to hundreds of families living in 478 units that are mostly two-story townhomes, stacked flats, or one-story structures. Work is underway on the master planning for the redevelopment of Rancho San Pedro.

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